Are you a spectacular spectacle-wearer? Do you feel your glasses are keeping your inner fashion-ista, well, inside? No longer, my lady friend! Makeup artist, Bobbi Brown, gives some awesome makeup tips for ladies just like us.

First! You want to start with a good neutral eye color because, as you know, glasses are already attention grabbers and you want people to notice your whole face (not just your eyes). And don't forget a good concealer because you certainly don't want them focusing on your blemishes.

2. Mascara is your friend. Keep it light if your prescription makes your eyes look bigger but if you wear coke bottles- or close to it (like myself)- don't be afraid to lay it on thick. Bobbi Brown, who wears glasses herself, suggests 2-3 layers of mascara to make your eyes really "pop!"

3. How thick are your glasses frames? Bobbi suggests that your eyeliner be adjusted by this detail. If your frames are thicker, so should your eyeliner be. Likewise, if their thinner, keep a softer look. Have you ever tried colored eyeliner? If you use one that's slightly darker than your eye color, it can make them look bigger. Something I like because of my strong prescription.

4. If you don't have short bangs then the eyebrows have it! Pencil them in lightly with a good eyebrow pencil or brush and gel them for a groomed look and they'll draw even more attention through those beautiful windows to your soul.

5. Got a dinner date after work? Rev up your look for a night on the town! Just freshen up your workday makeup with brighter colors and double-line your eyes. This is done by lining with eyeliner as you normally would and then following it up with a dark eye shadow applied with an eyeliner brush- a very smoky (read: smoldering) look. Brush on some bright pink blush and you're good to go. :)

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And just in case you feel less attractive in your specs, take a look at the mags these days. Even Justin Beiber is stealing the "Geek Chic" look!