2012 my well be remembered as the Summer of Zombies.  What began in Miami over Memorial Day weekend has spread.  Bizarre 'zombie apoclypse' attacks have been reported around the country, several attributed to the abuse of 'bath salts,' and now one has occurred in the Oneida County town of Marcy.


Oneida County Sheriff Deputies were called to Stage Road in Marcy this morning were David Schrader is alleged to have

attack[ed] a female neighbor as she was getting into her car to go to work.

The woman got out of the car and Schrader chased her into her garage before the woman was able to get into her house and lock the door, according to investigators. Schrader then allegedly tried to break the door by using a broom.

Schrader then ran out of the garage and into the street where he was spotted by a patrolling Oneida County Sheriff's Deputy. He was covered in his own blood, apparently after cutting himself, according to investigators.

Schrader was using bath salts just before the attack, according to deputies. Investigators say the attack on the neighbor was random and the only connection is that the people live next door to each other.


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