Pakistan deported Osama bin Laden's  three widows and children to Saudi Arabia which is the home of two of the three women.This happened less than a week before the first anniversary of the U.S. raid that killed the al Qaeda leader in his secret compound in Pakistan. The other widow is from Yemen.

The Navy SEALs that carried out the raid took bin Laden's body, which was later buried at sea, but left his wives and children behind, who were then detained by Pakistani authorities and interrogated. The three wives and two adult daughter were recently convicted of illegally entering and living in the country and sentenced to 45 days in prison, which they served at a well-guarded house in Islamabad. Pakistan said 14 members of bin Laden's family had been deported, and although details weren't given, officials have said that in addition to the three wives, there were at least eight children and some grandchildren living at the compound in Abbottabad.