Every boss wants their employees to be focused and give one hundred percent at work.  How can they help make that happen?  According to a new study, more time off is crucial to keeping empoyees focused and at the top of their game. 

The study found that workers who waited more than two months between vacations were more likely to become aggressive, sick or feel anxious.  One quarter of workers surveyed said they are under so much pressure at work that they are desperate for a vacation every couple of weeks.  How much vacation time does the average worker take?  Only one in five surveyed said they're able to take a vacation every couple of months and forty-four percent go without a vacation for six months or longer.  Just for fun, here's how much time off people in some other countries get.  Seven weeks in France, twenty eight days in Switzerland, thirty five days in Finland,  twenty to thirty days in Italy, six weeks in Denmark, thirty days in Spain and four weeks in the Netherlands.  Do you get enough vacation time?  Are you able to use it all?