Internet sensation Joey Salads made a boatload of money so he decided to share the wealth and spread some love by throwing a pizza party for the homeless.   

Over the Thanksgiving holiday,  I met an elderly gentleman at one of our local Stewart's Shops who really needed a helping hand. He had a flat tire and told me that he'd asked several people to help him change it but everyone declined. I'll be the first to admit that I'm not mechanically inclined, so I searched for someone to help; Nicholas from Mohawk eventually stepped up to the task, and made the man's day. Thanks Nick!  FYI: I've since manned up and learned how to properly change a tire.

Last winter, I learned firsthand just how generous our Mohawk Valley neighbors are; I accidentally drove into a snowbank and struggled for less than 5 minutes before not 1, but 3 individuals offered to help push me out. Thank you!

Internet star Joey Salad's decided to give back to those less fortunate over the Christmas season. He's made quite a bit of money from his viral internet videos and he wanted to share with those in need by throwing a pizza party for the homeless.

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