Old Man winter has packed a seriously cold punch lately.  A "polar vortex" of frigid, dense air has blasted much of the US with frigid, sub-zero temperatures and it's not over yet.   Central New Yorkers, we have a Wind Chill Warning in effect from midnight tonight until 7pm Tuesday night.

Wind chill warnings aren't limited to us here in Central New York.  According to Fox News, they're in effect from Montana to Alabama.

Those in the Midwest are really being hit with bitterly cold weather.  Crane Lake, Minnesota is 36 below zero.   WInd chills in the Midwest could drop to minus 50 or 60.  Yikes.   Now that's cold!
Much of the Northeast will be feeling this "polar vortex" of cold tomorrow.   Just to make you jealous, South Florida is feeling the heat, with a balmy 84 degrees in Hollywood and Punta Gorda.

Time to book a trip to Florida, don't you think?