Just after the start of the second half of Super Bowl 47 and an electrifying NFL record 109 yard kickoff return for a touchdown by Jacoby Jones of the Baltimore Ravens, the Superdome experienced a massive power outage.

It's the first power outage in the history of the Super Bowl.  A large swath of the indoor stadium lost lights.  The PA announcer booth was down as was the press room.  The outage affected CBS's coverage of the game as well: commentators Jim Nance and Phil Simms were unable to report during the outage.

Steve Tasker, reporting on the sidelines, was the first CBS commentator who was able to speak on the broadcast following several moments of no audio coming from the CBS team.

The James Brown lead pre-game and halftime crew also helped fill time during the outage.

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Update 9:00PM

The Superdome is gradually returning to power.  CBS reporter Solomon Wilcox reported that the NFL is not ready to make an official statement on what may have caused the outage.

Update 9:10PM

Play has resumed after a delay of 34 minutes with Referee Jerome Boger reminding the teams of the down and distance and saying "Let's go!"

Some raw video of the outage from around YouTube