Security cameras at Price Chopper supermarket on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse caught what appeared to be an abduction earlier this week and news was quickly spread via Facebook and the media in an attempt to locate the vehicle and potential victim.  Now, the young people shown in the video say it was a hoax inspired by the TV show 'Jackass.'

The video shows a woman who is pulled from the backseat of a car and thrown in the truck and the car drives away.  Police were able to get the description of the vechile and a partial plate number and the video was breaking news on Syracuse news broadcasts.

After all of the media attention, the young people involved came forward to say that there was no abduction and the whole thing was a prank.

Yesterday, Syracuse Police released a statement on Facebook yesterday,

A seventeen year old male and two female juveniles came forward this evening and reported that they were the individuals that committed this hoax. Detectives have interviewed all three individuals and have determined they were the parties involved in this incident.  The subjects are not being identified at this time because charges are pending. This investigation is on going. The Syracuse Police Department has also identified the two witnesses whose photos were released this afternoon.

Reaction from the public was mixed.