February promises to be a big month.  Sorry Cupid, I'm not talking about Valentine's Day.  A big month for sports fans and advertisers, who are shelling out record amounts of money for the upcoming Super Bowl and 2014 Winter Olympics.

USA Today reports Super Bowl ads on Fox have been sold out for over a month.  We're talking big money here.  A record $4 million bucks for a thirty second spot.  Fox's president of advertising sales tells USA Today that both sporting events are important.

This is the strongest Super Bowl market that we have ever seen.  Since the Winter Olympics are also in high demand, it's a great sign for the broad appeal, impact and value of big-event sports.

NBC, which will broadcast the Winter Games, says they have set a Winter Games record for sales which exceeds $800 million.

There are no bigger sporting events that I can think of than the Olympics and the Super Bowl, which both happen within days of each other.  The Super Bowl is Sunday February 2nd and the Winter Olympics from Sochi start on February 7th and end on February 23rd.

However, not all advertisers are shelling out money for both big events.  This year Century 21, Subway and Best Buy have all opted out of the Super Bowl but will advertise during the Olympics.

Which do you like better, the Super Bowl or the Winter Olympics?  I'm looking forward to watching both.

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images