Would you like to be part of the 2014 Boilermaker, joining thousands of runners from across the country for one of Utica's biggest and best events?  Then don't forget registration for the 2014 Boilermaker starts this Saturday March 22nd at noon.

Sunday July 13th is when this year's Boilermaker will take place along the streets of Utica.  There are 14,000 spots for the 15k, 4,500 spots for the 5k and 1,000 spots for the Boilermaker walk.

Last year the Boilermaker 15k closed out in 68 hours and the 5k closed out 20 hours later.   Don't get shut out of this year's race.  For more info about registration and the Boilermaker, visit Boilermaker.com.  Visiting the Boilermaker website is also a great way to get pumped for the race when you see the countdown clock at the top.

When registering, just hit the registration button once.  It takes a minute for the payment to be processed.  Don't keep hitting the button.

You can purchase a 2014 Boilermaker training shirt when you register and you can also sign up for the Pasta Buffet held on Saturday July 12th.  It runs from noon until three at the MVCC Utica Camputs and proceeds benefit the United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica.

I loved being in the Boilermaker ages ago when I ran it and it's always fun to watch the race.  If you're thinking of running it and you've been training for it, I encourage you to do it.