Even while battling depression himself, Robin Williams' reached out to a fan to help her with her struggles. One of his last acts was a message of hope to 21-year-old Vivian Waller. She is in a New Zealand hospice battling lung, bowel and liver cancer.

The Daily Mail tells us that when she learned of her illness in January,

she wrote up a bucket list comprised of five wishes: 1) To get married; 2) To celebrate her 21st birthday; 3) To see her daughter celebrate her 1st birthday; 4) To travel to Rarotonga; and 5) To meet her favorite celebrity, Robin Williams. When Williams heard about this, he made a short video and sent it

Well, Robin Williams, who really was a class act, gladly obliged.

Robin Williams passed away at his San Francisco mansion recently and authorities say his death was a suicide. According to his widow, Robin wasn't ready to share his Parkinson's diagnosis with the world. She added that his 'sobriety was intact' at the time of his death.

He will be missed.