The California based animal rescue organization, Ruffles Rescue, has spread the word on Facebook about a mother a litter of dogs they took from a neglectful environment.  The dogs are severely infected with ticks.

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From the Ruffles Rescue Facebook post:

We rescued the mother, and the whole litter of six. All the puppies are covered in hundreds and hundreds; possibly thousands of ticks in their ears, paws, tummy - EVERYWHERE! Their ears has so many ticks that you cannot even see the inside. They are malnourished, dehydrated, filthy, and in complete disgusting condition. We are asking for help. All six puppies and the mother need to be vetted. We spend four hours this evening 'de-ticking' the puppies, and didn't make a dent. Their ears, paws, tummies - everywhere is bleeding. They are starting to show signs of tick fever and are in need of medical help. Please help us save these dogs.

UPDATE:  Ruffles Rescue said in a recent Facebook status update that they have received an overwhelming amount of donations and have been able to cover the medical costs of this litter of puppies.  They are asking you to make a donation to your local animal shelter in lieu of any further donations to these dogs.