The AAA New York member magazine C&T recently selected thier top 7 Empire State Escapes. On the list was 'visit a covered bridge.' The named bridges in Washington and Tompkins Counties as well as the Salisbury Center covered bridge in Herkimer County.

The bridge is located just off of NY 29 in Salisbury Center. The bridge was built in 1875.

The sign over the bridge admonishes that speeders will be fined a dollar. So slow down, you'll want to crawl along and enjoy your short ride through the bridge.

Eric Meier/TSM

Eagleville Covered Bridge

Located in eastern New York State just off Route 313, here's a covered bridge Andrea and I discovered while on a trip to Vermont. It didn't make the C&T magazine list, but I liked it enough to share with you.

Eric Meier/TSM