Perhaps you heard earlier this week that rocker Sammy Hagar revealed he believes he has been visited by aliens.   Watching the History Channel like I do, I know all about the vast universe of alien visitation theories.  From io9, here are the top Alien Conspiracy Theories:

1-Roswell:  An alien craft crashed in the New Mexico desert in 1947 and the government has been hiding the evidence ever since.

2-Area 51:  The Big Secret Base in the Nevada wastelands north of Las Vegas.  Shoot to kill orders for anyone who breeches the perimeter, no-fly zone, and secretive comings and goings fuel the speculation here.

3-Replitlians:  The aliens are among us.  They are actually lizard-like creatures who show a human appearance.

4-Ancient Astronauts:  We have being visted for thousands of years and it was the aliens who brought life to the earth.