'In a single moment your life can change forever, and the person you once were, will no longer be.' Those words from the mother of four year-old Angelina Dorsagno, a Sauquoit girl battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma.

In a Facebook page titled 'A Family in Need' Brandi Boyer tells her daughter Angelina's story 'a bump on her head is what started an unwakeable nightmare. Lena has tumors throughout her entire body and the disease is in her bone marrow. Aggressive treatment has been started and we are ready to help her fight this battle. She will have the strength of not only her parents but her big brother Geno, her three sisters Bella, Mia and Mya, and all of her family and friends that love her. Thank you for your prayers they are what will get us through this.'


Brandi and 'Lena' have been traveling back and forth to a Syracuse hospital and will soon be heading to another hospital in New York City for more treatment.  Lena was first diagnosed in March 2010, when she was just four years old, but relapsed on September 19th.

The travel expenses and hospital bills have left the family with just enough money to get breakfast each morning.  Family and friends have stepped in to bring meals but more help is needed.  A list of items is provided on the Facebook page

Items Needed
Gas cards.. Gift cards etc
I have 5 cats so litter.. Cat food
Fall/winter jackets etc for the kids
Help with the house (like cleaning.. Organizing. Winterizing..
Come visit (always breaks up the day to just sit and talk)
And if your not able to do any of that, prayers, because we really need those.

Sizes and where to drop off donated items can be found on the 'A Family in Need' Facebook page. Donations can also be made at our station on River Road in Marcy and we'll make sure it gets to the family.

The outpouring of support already is amazing and it's keeping a smile on everyone's face.  Our well wishes and prayers are being sent to Angelina and her family.  We hope you beat this once and for all this time.


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at polly@bigfrog104.com.