Utica during its history has been known as the Handshake City and is presently billed as the Renaissance City.  We want to know what you would you call Utica if you could pick a new slogan.  We have a few suggestions, some serious some silly, for you below.


Utica: The Canal City - emphasize our Erie and Chenango canal heritage

Greater Utica:  Greater than Greater Binghamton

Utica:  Plunger Robbery Capitol of America

Utica:  Apple Pie...Cherry Pie...TOMATO PIE

Utica:  The True End of the Rainbow

Utica:  We're Biggies on Riggies

From @daveperritano:  Utica "Feel Free to Stop on Your Way to Syracuse"

From Lenamarie:  Utica- a melting pot and tomato pie is what we got.