It was fun while it lasted. Utica's Shawn Smith was knocked out in the battle rounds on 'The Voice.'

Shawn and Jonny Gray kicked off the last night of battle rounds, singing Tom Petty's 'Refugee.'  Although Blake Shelton preferred Shawn's performance, his coach Cee Lo Green chose to keep Jonny, sending Shawn packing.

Shawn may have lost the battle but he's gained a few friends for life and the experience of a lifetime. Watch his performance below.





Shawn Smith & Jonny 'Refugee'

Blake Shelton last two battle weren't given much air time.  Holly Henry and Brandon Chase moved on to the knock-out rounds, beginning next week. You can here Holly's sing the full version of 'Torn' on iTunes.

The only country of the night came from Team Christina who paired Olivia Henken and Stephanie Anne Johnson to sing The Band Perry's 'Done.'  Neither went home with Christina choosing to keep Olivia and Cee Lo using his last steal on Stephanie.

Olivia Henken & Stephanie Anne Johnson: 'Done'

The knock-out rounds begin next Monday on NBC at 8pm. For the first time, coaches will each get one steal, something that never happened in the knock-out rounds.

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