Friday December 21 is the long speculated date that the world will end.  It also marks one week from the Newtown school shooting.  Should schools close on Friday?

In Genesee County, Michigan, 21 school districts are closing tomorrow.  The superintendant of the county's intermediate school district (similar to NY's BOCES) says that there are no specific threats just a general unease about the day.

Speaking to Flint's WJRT:

We don’t have any immediate threats or dangers in school, we have a lot of, like you said, rumors, things the police are looking into, they’re visiting students homes of rumors. The students are calling it a ‘student revolt,’ saying that because the world is going to end, they’re going to bring weapons to school or something like that, they’ll take care of people they didn't like anyway before the world ends.


[Via WCRZ]