Ellen DeGeneres is holding a $10,000 YouTube talent contest, and revealing the winner today (Monday May 20th 2013). This one might be the video to beat. This young lady, 'joshea27', posted a video where she spins her leg around 180 degrees, so it looks like it's on backwards.

Can she do it with the other leg?

She's left a message on youtube:

It's been a lot of fun! Who doesn't love to make others laugh .... and freak them out a little at first. In theory / I guess technically I've been able to do it since July 2011, when I had a right internal hemipelvectomy to remove the entire right side of my pelvis - due to Ewing's sarcoma (a rare type of bone cancer). BUT I've only known/discovered I could do this around June/July 2012. And prior to a couple month ago, only about a dozen other people had seen me do it.