What's going on?

Gettysburg Ghost Gals Are Coming To Herkimer On Saturday
On October 22nd, meet Travel Channel’s Gettysburg Ghost Gals at our Herkimer Crossroads Haunted event. They are America’s all female Paranormal Team. We got to chat with them this week and get to know them better.
Football Pick Em
Think you’re the top football expert in Utica? Make your picks here for every regular season pro football game this year.
Easter: A Family Holiday
As a child I always looked forward to Easter Sunday.  My parents always found interesting ideas to entertain me and my siblings.
Dante’s Inferno Comes To Utica?
Local Utica film director, Alex Moore, starts Sundance project DANTE . The film will be shot in Utica, the Adirondacks and thousand islands area.
Lite 98.7 Silent Giveaway
Maybe you've heard someone whisper about Lite 98.7's 'Silent Giveaway.' We're handing out hundreds of dollars in prizes - CDs, free food and more and we never mention it on air. The Silent Giveaway is only for Litehouse Club members.
Pink in LA
Win a Trip to See Pink Perform at Staples Center
BREAKING: Rodney King Dead at 47
Rialito, CA -- Rodney King, the man whose videotaped beating by police in 1991 sparked the Los Angeles riots after the officers were acquitted, has died at the age of 47.  According to multiple national media outlets, a publicist confirmed King's death this morning.
New Technology Could Allow New Thruway Exits
Let's say you're planning a trip to or from Whitesboro or Marcy, and that trip involves the New York State Thruway.  Doesn't it seem silly that the Thruway runs right though both towns, but you still have drive miles out of the way to access the highway?  Lite 98.7's Pe…
Andy Samberg to Leave SNL
After seven seasons on Saturday Night Live, comedian Andy Samberg has confirmed rampant rumors he's leaving the long-running NBC sketch comedy series.  Along with Rochester native Kristen Wiig, Samberg is the second cast member who won't be back for SNL's 38th season this fall.
Should Utica Traffic Lights Go to Blink Mode at Night?
Ever get stuck at a red light where there's absolutely no traffic around?  Seems silly to sit there, all alone, just because the light and the law say you have to.  One former local TV news anchor has a proposal to change the rules, so drivers can save time and gas -- and maybe even t…
64 Ways to Open a Beer Bottle [VIDEO]
Memorial Day weekend kicked off the summer, which is great for beer-drinkers who will crack open a lot of cold ones over the next few months. Watch and enjoy this creative video demonstrating 64 artful methods of opening a beer bottle, for those times you don't have a bottle opener handy.  You'll be…
Guys Play Lady Gaga’s ‘Poker Face’ on Beer Bottles [VIDEO]
They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery.  Lady Gaga should be extremely flattered.  So many people sing her songs in concert, on YouTube or anywhere else.  But these three guys from Denmark, have a whole new take on Gaga.  Watch them play 'Poker Face' on bee…
Live Lip Dub Proposal to ‘I Think I Want to Marry You’ [VIDEO]
A woman starts planning her wedding day when she's young.  She dreams of the big white dress, the flowers, the groom, the location and the attention the day brings her.  She also dreams of how her prince charming will pop the question. Lately, it seems the wedding proposal are becoming more elaborat…
BBQ Tips to Make the Perfect Burger
Whoa, hold on there a minute Mr. Amateur Barbecue Chef. I hope you're not just planning on slapping that burger patty on the grill without doing a little prep work first.
If you have people are coming over for a Memorial Day barbecue and looking forward to a great, juicy burger -- make sure they…
Girl Rocks Out to Gotye ‘Somebody That I Use to Know’ [VIDEO]
You know that feeling you get when you hear your favorite song on the radio?  If your alone in your car, you dance, sing and let it all hang out, basically looking ridiculous to the other drivers around you.  Little Grace is no different.  She's a fan of Gotye's 'Somebo…