Love him or not, you have to give Simon Cowell credit for being honest when he says he doens't think he would do well as a parent because he can't stand clutter.  He's right, with kids comes clutter and messes of all sorts.  Simon's house, okay mansion, is like a musuem. 

He's definitely of the "your home is your castle" mindset.  Simon tells People  he loves candles, not just for the scent but they way they cackle.  He's also a big fan of fireplaces.    He can't stand lots of color, especially on couches.  When  it comes to the way things look in his home, he's the first to admit he's obsessive about it, blaming it on being a Libra.  Clutter in Simon's home?  No way.  From the pictures in People magazine, it looks more like a musuem or a furniture store showroom.  Simon's home is extremely well organized, including his walk-in closet, which he says if a psychologist saw it, "he would think I was mad."  What's behind all this?  Simon believes your home reflects your mind, telling People: "Your house defines your mind.  If your home is chaotic, your head is chaotic, and I can't work that way."