There is a new campaign to split California into six different states, the argument being that the current California is too large and diverse to be efficiently governable.

The plan, which is the brainchild of venture capitalist Tim Draper, would split the state into six new states:  Southern California (San Diego and Orange County), West California (LA), Silicon Valley (San Francisco and San Jose), Northern California (Sacramento), Central California (Central Valley to the Nevada line) and Jefferson (a long-sought breakaway state including all of the current state's northern counties).

Why is won't ever happen

As ABC and Slate both point out, the plan, even if approved by California voters would then need the approval of the United States Congress. Splitting the current state into 6 states would mean there would be 10 new members of the Senate and given the delicate balance of power there now, it's unlikely Senators would welcome an influx of new members who may tilt control of the Senate to one of the political parties.

What would a 6 State New York look like?

Since Californians can come up with a plan, what would New York be like divided into six?

A break between upstate and downstate New York has long-been dreamed about. Here's how I'd split the Empire State into 6 new regions, with their capitols:

New York Islands NYC and Long Island - Capitol: Hempstead. The town is currently the largest in NYS and would mean the seat of government is not in the City.

Downstate New York Catskills, Westchester, Hudson Valley south of Albany - Capitol: Poughkeepsie.

Mohawk The Mohawk Valley from Schenectady through Amsterdam, Fort Plain to Utica and Rome - Capitol: Utica, of course.

Adirondack Albany, Saratoga, Plattsburgh and the Adirondack Park - Capitol: Albany.

Allegany The Southern Tier from Binghamton to Jamestown - Capitol: Corning.

Western New York Buffalo, Rochester and Niagara Falls - Capitol: Buffalo