Sofia Vergara was married once at the young age of 18 to her childhood sweetheart, Joe Gonzalez. They had son Manolo in September of 1992, but they split a year later. For a year now we've been wondering when she will get hitched with fiancé Nick Loeb. Perhaps sooner than later, but she is doing a great job keeping the details under wraps.

Sofia told E Online last month;

"We've only been engaged one year and I have to plan a very big wedding, so it's going to be when I have time to not only to plan the wedding, but then take time off after the wedding because it's going to be big,"

What we do know is that her wedding dress will most likely be a Vera Wang. And did you see how Sofia looked in her designer's red gown at the 2013 Emmys? Wow, she won't disappoint her hubby-to-be on the big wedding day, for sure.

And did you see Sofia Vergara get into a spat With Chelsea Handler? I hope it was staged and not real tension.

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