Have you ever seen this sign while driving trough Upstate New York? It is the trailblazer for the Southern Adirondack Trail.

The trail stretches from Speculator in Hamilton County to both Herkimer and Little Falls in Herkimer County.

The trail follows Route 8 between Speculator and Poland then Route 28 from Poland to Middleville. At Middleville, the Southern Adirondack Trail splits into two branches.

One branch follows Route 28 to the New York State Thruway entrance in Herkimer.

Another branch follows Route 29 in a circular route through Salisbury Center to Dolgeville then south to Little Falls where Route 169 meets the New York State Thruway.

The trailblazer for the route is a diamond design in honor of the Herkimer Diamonds which around found near Middleville along the route.

The Southern Adirondack Trail is one of 26 state designated Scenic Byways in New York

Photos of the Southern Adirondack Trail