We are highlighting stories from Spring Farm Cares in June for 'Adpot a Shelter Cat Month.'

Noah was found in a box dropped at the front porch at Spring Farm Cares.  He was blind due to a medical condition that caused his eyelids to grow in rather than out over his eyes.  Noah required two surgeries at Cornell University.

His eye condition was cured and he found a forever home with a Spring Farm Cares volunteer.

The story from Spring Farm Cares:

Noah went home with one of our volunteers who fell in love with him. Noah is an incredible guy who everyone fell in love with instantly. But he had some special needs that we had to tend to first. He was found in a box on our porch, blind with eye issues. After two special surgeries at Cornell University, the eye problem was corrected and Noah was able to be adopted. He also has issues with his legs that cause him to walk funny. Noah is all about love and we are so happy for him to be with his very own family now.