New York State Police and the USPS United States Postal Inspection Service say twenty-two people have been arrested in connection with an alleged drug ring in Central New York.

Police say the investigation was named "Operation Pandora's Box."

It targeted drug suppliers from New York and around the nation -- even overseas -- who used the U.S Mail to ship narcotics and synthetic drugs, along with other contraband, into the region.

Authorities seized drugs, weapons and cash.

The domestic seizures included drugs coming from within New York State, as well as California, Colorado, Indiana, Oregon, and Washington:


80.5 pounds of marihuana
2 pounds hash oil
306 grams of hallucinogenic mushrooms
980 tablets of Xanax
3.4 oz. of MDMA
2.2 oz of cocaine
.9 oz of crack cocaine
20 grams of heroin
93 hits of LSD
¼ kilo of synthetic drugs


Semi-automatic assault weapon with two 30 round magazines
.22 caliber semi-automatic rifle with two magazines
.22 caliber semi-automatic assault rifle with three 30 round magazines
9mm semi-automatic assault rifle
.12 gauge pump action shotgun

Vehicle seized:

2006 Mercedes Benz 280

The operation also targeted shipments from China and India, which contained pharmaceuticals, pills, steroids, synthetic drugs and counterfeit goods:

8,340 dosage units of illegally imported pharmaceuticals and pills
Counterfeit Nike sneakers from China
4 kilos of synthetic drugs

The suspects include four Utica residents and one from Rome.

32-year old Eric True III, 36-year old Harley Creedon, and 43-year old Gerald Dano of Utica and 25-year old Christian Victorio of Rome are facing felony charges of criminal possession of marijuana.

47-year old Barbara Leonard was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Utica and Rome Police and the Oneida County Sheriff's and District Attorney's Offices were involved in the operation.