Colleges that make up the State University of New York system are competing this month in a bracket-style competition to find the best mascot in New York State.

The bracket is run by Generation SUNY and several area schools are in the competition.

Mohawk Valley Community College'

I learned two things checking out the Mascot Madness bracket. First, I had no idea there were so many schools in the SUNY system. Second, I had no idea many of these mascots had names. For instance, MVCC's hawk is actually named Mo Hawk. Had no idea. Mo Hawk appears to have edged out Orvis the Pioneer from Alfred State.


Walter the Wildcat (again, who knew he had a name!) was in a tough bracket against a very popular SUNY Cortland. SUNY came in third place in its bracket falling also to SUNY Maritime College.

Herkimer County Community College

HCCC's General Herkimer was out in the first round of Mascot Madness falling to the Viking from Hudson Valley CC.

SUNY Morrisville

SUNY Morrisville's Mustang actually doesn't have a name. Too bad, coming from Morrisville, he could easily be Morrie the Mustang. Even nameless, the Mustang had enough swagger to outlast U-Buffalo's Victor E. Bull in the first round.

SUNY Oneonta

Aparently there is a heated rivalry between SUNY Ulster's Senator Sam and Red the Dragon from SUNY Oneonta. Check out the videos produced by both schools. According to the voting results, Ulster took this round.

But who's the real winner in SUNY's Mascot Madness?  Me! Because I got to learn about great mascot names from around New York like SUNY Adirondack's Eddie Rondack, SUNY Geneseo's Knight Sir-Wins-A-Lot and Mighty Oakie The Acorn from Syracuse-based SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.