This past Super Bowl Sunday was a tough one for many, like myself, who thought the Denver Broncos were going to beat the Seattle Seahawks.  Sunday was also a very bad day for bettors.  So bad in fact that it goes down as the worst day ever for bettors in Super Bowl history.

USA Today reports bettors lost $19.7 million in Las Vegas on the Seahawks win.  68% had bet that the Broncos would win the Super Bowl, making it the worst day for bettors in the history of the Super Bowl.

Did you bet on the game?  I didn't but if I had, I would've lost big time.

Seattle's 43-8 victory over Denver also made Super Bowl spread history.  Prior to the Game, the Seahawks were 2.5 point underdogs.  They ended up covering the spread by 37.5 points, which is the largest in Super Bowl history.  Washington's Redskins had the previous Super Bowl spread record.

All in all, Seattle outplayed the Broncos and made betting history on Sunday.  Peyton, I'll be cheering for you next season.