Mysterious Voice Helps Save Baby After Car Crash [VIDEO]
"Help." That's what Utah police officers heard at the scene of crash. But when they reached the overturned car in the water, all they found was a mother, who was killed in the crash, and 18 month old child. Lily Groesback was discovered hanging upside down in the backseat in 4…
How To Stop a Crying Baby, Play Taylor Swift [VIDEO]
While Taylor Swift may make some cry, she has the opposite affect on this baby. The little one is NOT happy, screaming in her car seat. That is until a Swift song comes on. The baby stops crying. When Taylor stops singing, the baby starts crying.
Camden Baby Has Rare Disorder and Needs Brain Surgery
Meet 19-month-old Lexi Relyea of Camden. She was born six weeks early and was diagnosed with Sturge Weber Syndrome, a very rare genetic disorder. Lexi has a stain on her face and glaucoma in her eye. She had two surgeries before she was 6 months old to implant a drain in her eye to control the press…
Baby Likes Water. Like, REALLY Likes It.
Nothing can lighten up a room quite like a baby's smile, so prepare for the room you're in right now to become an overpowering fluorescent barrage of brightness.
This father gave his little boy some water only to discover the tyke loved it...

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