beardslee castle

Beardslee Castle 2016 Halloween Party Date Released
After taking a break from their Halloween Bash in 2015, Beardslee Castle is ready to bring back one heck of a Halloween party for the 2016 year. This year the Halloween Ball will be held on Friday October 28th. Here's details on when to buy tickets.
Paranormal CNY: How To Find (or Avoid) a Haunted Location
There are three different types of locations that paranormal investigators encounter when they begin to factor history into their site selection process.
The first type of locations are deemed to be haunted because of incontrovertible proof. These are the places that have numerous photographs, record…
The Haunting of Beardslee Castle ~ CNY Paranormal
Throughout Central New York there are countless haunted historic sites that have fallen from public recognition. While not every historic site is haunted and not every haunted location is historic there are large numbers of sites that have found their way back into the public consciousness due to th…