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McWhopper First Made In Utica [VIDEO]
You've heard of Peace Day - promoting World Peace on September 21st.  Well, Burger King has made quite a proposal - challenging McDonald's to put burger feuds aside for one day and create one unifying sandwich - The McWhopper.
The Best Summer Jobs for Teens in Utica
My son is 19 and desperately wants a new car. Not just a newer car, but a brand new, off the showroom floor car. We'll, he'd better find another summer job to accomplish that. So how does a teenager here in Utica find a summer job? Where can they look?
For a Limited Time Burger King Will Offer A Turkey Burger
Let me start out by saying that this is an item that should be a permanent part of their menu. If McDonald's or Wendy's adds a turkey burger to their permanent menu, I anticipate it to be a tremendous success. For now, Burger King is the first to offer the new sandwich as part of its limited-time of…

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