childhood obesity

Brooklyn Parents Want to Ban the Ice Cream Man
Residents of the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY know that spring is around the corner when ice cream carts start popping up in the area’s Prospect Park.
But according to a number of Park Slope parents, this time-honored tradition is causing them a special kind of ice cre…
Hey Moms, It Could Be Your Fault Your Kid Is Overweight
Childhood obesity is soaring. In fact, about a third of US children are currently overweight or obese — and a new study may reveal one big cause.
Researchers found toddlers who have a poor relationship with their moms could be twice as likely to be obese by the time they turn 15, possibly becau…
Fitness Matters More Than Fatness To Many
While war is being waged on childhood obesity, many have been preaching diets, exercise, fitness training and etc. However some feel that doesn’t matter as much. According to a new study, fitness matters more than fatness. You can be big, but consider fit.