cny paranormal

The CNY Paranormal series takes a look at the folklore, urban legends and ghost stories that surround central new york. Contributed by the NY Shadow Chasers and other paranormal experts, the series examines many reportedly haunted locations in New York through their history and ghost stories with many results from ghost hunting investigations at the locations.

Is Buffalo’s Central Terminal Haunted?
Buffalo's Central Terminal, which was once a bustling railway station in Western New York has been without passenger rail service since 1979. But that doesn't necessarily mean there hasn't been activity as the historic building. Buffalo Central Terminal is considered one of the most h…
Is Sylvan Beach Amusement Park Haunted?
Have you ever been to Sylvan Beach amusement park? I remember as a kid the haunted house had to be the scariest thing I've ever seen. However, as an adult the park is filled with a lot of frights as well. Reports are that the park is haunted with 3 different ghosts.
What Do Seneca Guns Sound Like?
A bizarre atmospheric phenomenon of booms thundering across the sky on a clear, sunny day called the Seneca Guns, so named because they happen so frequently over Upstate New York's Seneca Lake and the other Finger Lakes.

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