Beware of Active Rental Scam on Utica Craigslist Page
If something seems too good to be true, it unfortunately usually is. On the Utica Craigslist page is a listing for a beautiful home in South Utica for rent at an unbelievable price. That is because it is a clear cut scam. These people use clever tricks to try and steal people's hard earned money and…
5 Must-Have Items Listed on Utica Craigslist
In the fine tradition of garage, yard and estate sales around America, the Craigslist website features the highly collectable, the mudane and the awesomely bizarre. Here are 5 must-have items we found on the Utica-Rome-Oneida Craigslist page...
Crazy New Jobs Up For Grabs
Looking for work? Well in this crazy economy, there are still all sorts of crazy jobs out there. Here are a few of the strangest ads on CraigsList.