Body Found on Le Moyne College Campus
A body has been found on the campus of Le Moyne College in Syracuse, NY. Two joggers were running near a wooded area by the college when they came upon the remains. The body appeared to have been possibly burned.
There’s a Bank Robber On The Loose in Central New York
The suspected bank robber that Syracuse Police are looking has allegedly robbed two banks in the past four days and could strike again in Central New York. Police were called to the Keybank at 1510 West Genesee Street in Syracuse recently to investigate a reported robbery. Pictures have been capture…
Another Upstate New York Couple Commits a Double Suicide
Recently we reported on a couple identified as Earl Myatt and Mary Myatt, both 59 of Verona, who stood on train tracks in front of a speeding freight train and committed a double suicide. Police found a suicide note inside the Myatt's vehicle parked near the scene confirming this. Well, another…

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