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Snickers Fudge Is A Decadent Holiday Treat (Delilah’s Recipe)
Forget that the average American gains around six pounds between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  This recipe Delilah shares for Snickers fudge sounds like the perfect decadent holiday treat.  Great for that Christmas stocking, Secret Santa or gift for the mail carrier.
Friday Night Girls With Delilah (Photos)
Hooray, it's finally Friday.  Grab some of your friends to hang out with you tonight while you listen to Delilah's show.  Invite your sisters and sister-in-laws too.  Make "Friday Night Girls With Delilah" part of your Friday routine.
Make This Your To-Do List For Today-Daily Delilah
Have you found yourself feeling stressed out lately?  The holidays can do that.  So much pressure to get everything done as the clock ticks closer and closer to Christmas.  Do yourself a favor.  Make this your to-do list for today.
Delilah’s 12 Stockings Of Christmas Sweepstakes
When you were a kid, didn't you get a kick out of hanging your stocking by the fireplace so Santa could fill it with toys and treats?  This Christmas, Santa Delilah wants to fill stockings with her favorite things and give you a chance to win them.  It's Delilah's 12 Stockin…

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