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Delilah Has The Perfect Use For Those Pesky Cobwebs
Halloween is less than a month away.  The stores are filled with every kind of Halloween decoration you could want.  But wait.  Wonder what housework and Halloween have in common?  How about the perfect use for those pesky cobwebs!
Delilah’s Dilemma-Mama Bear’s Con
Children ask questions.  Lots of questions.  A mom wrote to Delilah asking for help answering her daughter's questions about why she was born with a birth defect.  That's a tough one, even for Delilah.  She's calling it Mama Bear's Con.
Daily Delilah-The Secret To A Positive Attitude
Life can be tough at times.  Stressors like money problems, difficult relationships or health issues can rob us of our joy, if we let them.  How does Delilah stay so positive, despite the many challenges she has faced?  Delilah shares her secret to a positive attitude.
Daily Delilah-Are You A Motivational Speaker?
Kids have an amazing ability to know just how to irritate parents.  They learn fast what bugs them and when so inclined, they push those buttons and their parent's patience.  With that in mind, Delilah shares a different view on raising your voice.  Are you also a motivational sp…
Delilah’s Raccoon Photo And Drawing
While she's solving dilemmas, doling out advice and picking the perfect dedication song, Delilah is also drawing.  In this case, it's a raccoon photo which inspired her to draw.

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