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Delilah Daily-Reward Yourself Today
Remember as a kid getting a reward from the teacher when you did something really well?  Those little gold stars or a "well done' on your homework meant a lot.  When was the last time you rewarded yourself?  Delilah has some ideas on ways to reward yourself that won&apos…
Delilah Daily-Recipe For Cupid’s Cake
Show your sweetheart how much love them with Delilah's recipe for Cupid's Cake.  Your sweetie will be so impressed, thinking you spent hours making this tasty cake.  In fact, it's an easy recipe that won't take you much time at all.
Delilah Daily-Lazy Cake Cookies
Delilah's recipe for lazy cake cookies is one she's used for years and years.  Next time you want a yummy dessert but you're pressed for time, give these cookies a try.
Delilah Daily-To Run Or Not To Run
Running is great exercise but it's not for everyone.  Some people try it and quickly give up, others run for life and some think about it and never try it.  Delilah had a funny post recently about running.
Delilah Daily – Be Stubborn No More
Is there someone in your life you argue with quite a bit?  Could be a spouse, a parent or a friend.  Delilah offers some relationship rescue advice on how to be stubborn no more and improve your relationship.

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