Delilah’s Summer Garden
One of the nicest things about these long summer days is spending time in the garden.  The flowers are looking spectacular in Delilah's garden.  A beautiful garden takes work but as you can see, it's so worth it.  Delilah, I wish I had your green thumb.
Delilah’s Dilemma-Making College Connections
Going off to college and being away from home for the first time can be a challenge.  Courtney is in her first year of college and while she's excited to be there, she's feeling overwhelmed.  Can Delilah help Courtney make college connections?
Delilah Daily-Lazy Cake Cookies
Delilah's recipe for lazy cake cookies is one she's used for years and years.  Next time you want a yummy dessert but you're pressed for time, give these cookies a try.
Delilah Daily-To Run Or Not To Run
Running is great exercise but it's not for everyone.  Some people try it and quickly give up, others run for life and some think about it and never try it.  Delilah had a funny post recently about running.
Delilah Daily – Be Stubborn No More
Is there someone in your life you argue with quite a bit?  Could be a spouse, a parent or a friend.  Delilah offers some relationship rescue advice on how to be stubborn no more and improve your relationship.
Delilah Daily-Seasonal Spicy Tomato Pie
Fans of tomato will love this recipe from Delilah.  Her friend Dee Dee had Delilah try some spicy tomato pie and Delilah liked it so much, she wanted to share this savory recipe with you.
Delilah Daily-Dressing For Hot Weather
Much of the country has been experiencing some seriously hot weather this summer.  Delilah posted a comment on Facebook about dressing for hot weather.  Not everyone was amused by her Facebook post.

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