Delilah’s Dilemma-Eyes Shut Tight
Are old flames best kept in the past?  That's the dilemma Delilah tackles with Melissa and the old flame she recently reconnected with.  Melissa, are your eyes shut tight?
Daily Delilah-Baggage In Relationships
Chances are good you've encountered someone with plenty of baggage.  Or maybe that someone is you.  Either way, this Facebook post from Delilah on relationship baggage should make you smile.
Delilah Daily-Festive Fourth Desserts
Ready to celebrate the 4th of July?  Whatever you'll be grilling or eating on the fourth, don't forget to include a yummy dessert or two.  Delilah has some festive fourth desserts to sweeten the celebration.
Delilah’s Daily-Positive Post-It Notes
Post-it notes are a handy way to remember all the stuff you have to do.  Those sticky little pieces of paper can also help boost your self esteem.  Delilah encourages using positive post-it notes.
Delilah’s Summertime Soundtrack-Roll Down The Car Windows
Nothing like driving down the road on a sunny summer day with the windows rolled down and a favorite summer song on the radio.  Delilah asked her listeners to share what songs inspire them to roll down the windows and crank up the volume.  They gave Delilah a great summer playlist...

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