A Good Samaritan Rescues Puppies From Trash Can
Come on, It's Adopt-a Pet Wednesday, a day of rescuing pets, finding them loving homes. On a day like today it's hard to believe somebody could just dump a bunch of adorable puppies into a trash can. Seriously? What is wrong with people? Fortunately, for every abuser of animals, there is a…
Enjoy These Dogs Having Some Summer Fun [VIDEOS]
In honor of Adopt-a Pet Wednesday, and with the nice weather recently, we thought you'd enjoy a few minutes of these dogs having some Summer fun. You'll see them bouncing on a trampoline, jumping in the pool, running through the sprinkler and you'll see a skateboarding dog. Enjoy.
13 Animals Kicking It in Kiddie Pools for Memorial Day
Hooo boy, it is so close to being summer, we can practically hear the incessant song of the ice cream truck already. Frankly we don't want to wait until Monday to kick off the season. We can't. We've lost all control. Here are some pics of animals in kiddie pools to prove it.

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