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Elton John Concerned for Lady Gaga’s Health
Elton John, who just endured a health scare of his own that required hospitalization and canceling of gigs, has spoken about his concern for Lady Gaga‘s health. What a concerned friend Sir Elton is, and he has every right to be. Mama Monster is the godmother of his son, Zachary.
Elton John Hospitalized, Cancels Concerts
Elton John canceled four concerts this weekend in Las Vegas after being hospitalized for a respiratory infection. According to TMZ, the singer will rest for at least a week before attempting to resume performing.
Elton John: ‘The Record Business is Disappearing’
Sir Elton John has a pretty gloomy view of the music industry, saying it’s “disappearing” because of the lack of artist development, resulting in musicians being dropped from labels if they don’t instantly score a No. 1 selling album. We ha…
Elton John Despises The British Press
Note to the British media, Elton John is not a fan.  That's putting it lightly.  He didn't pull any punches about his feelings toward the British media in an interview with Barbara Walters.
Elton John Hosts Saturday Night Live
Elton John put on a show as host of Saturday Night Live this weekend, marking only his second appearance on the long running sketch comedy show.
In his opening monologue John launched into a series of jokes about his new baby boy, whom John said was born with ten fingers, ten toes, and $400 million …
Elton John Predicts Lady Gaga’s Career
Sir Elton John is praising Lady GaGa once again and says she will a long career because she is so "amazingly polite and respectful" to her entourage and fans. She may be to her fans, but her dress choices are a little out there!

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