Buffalo Bills Week 1 Preview – The Fans Are Hopeful
My friends and I are hopelessly optimistic about Sunday's game against The Chicago Bears. Coach Doug Marrone thinks that running back C.J. Spiller will do a great job returning kicks. Remember, C.J. spent much of 2013 battling an ankle injury, so, do you think he can handle this new task? Do Th…
College Football 2014: What We Learned In Week 1
Week 1 is (nearly) in the books and the season got off to an exciting start with lots of top teams playing closer-than-expected games. Here are some things we learned this week.
The Top Ten Has a Lot of Question Marks
While there were no major upsets this weekend, that’s not to say tha…
Johnny Football Becomes Johnny JamBoogie For Snickers [VIDEO]
Since when does the back-up quarterback get so much attention? With week one of the NFL season just days away, football fans everywhere are ready for that first snap. Fans in Cleveland have high hopes for their back-up QB, Jonathan Paul Manziel, also known as, Johnny Football. He is so popular alrea…

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