gas prices

Gas Prices Continue To Fall
I can't remember the last time gas was close to being under $3 a gallon. I noticed the sign on my way to work this morning. Despite the drop at the pumps, Utica still sees higher prices that most of the nation. Even Syracuse has lower prices.
California Gas Prices Are Record-Breaking
Gas prices aren't low here in Central New York but next time you groan when  filling  up the tank, be glad you're not living in California.  The Golden State has the highest gas prices in the country.
Some Experts Think Gas Prices Have Peaked
We're paying over $4 a gallon for gas here in Utica but the good news is that the price is a penny cheaper than where the national average for a gallon of regular stood last week, according to the AAA.
Indeed, there are signs that the run-up at the gas pump has or will soon reach its peak. Those who …

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