What is Waze?
Google opened their checkbook today and purchased an app called Waze. So what is Waze and why did Google spend $1.3 billion to purchase it?
See All of Google’s April Fool’s Day Pranks
If you're anything like us, you probably have no idea what day it is. Well, it's Monday, April 1st. Yes, it's April Fool's Day, which means that Google is planning to pull the wool over our eyes all day long. Here are some of the pranks they're pulling, in case you are …
See Central New York on Google Treasure Map
Google has a long history of coming up with novel new services on April Fools Day (remember the 8-bit Google Map?).  This time around, you can see the world as a swashbuckling pirate with the Treasure Map version of Google Maps.

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