Things You Shouldn’t Do In Public
People everywhere have strange or disgusting habits. Maybe you’re like Mike Sanchez of the Jets who picked his nose on another QB. That clearly wasn’t ok to do in public, but what else should you never do in public?
Don’t Let Him Accessorize Your Car
While I was driving in Herkimer I saw a car with some extra accessories on the back. Some car accessories can add unique style and class to your car, this accessory did not! There are some that just make you look bad and we have the full list.
Signs He Hit His Midlife Crisis
As the march of time rolls along, it happens to every guy the ol' midlife crisis. What are some shopping signs to watch out for in your guy that the midlife crisis is in full swing?
Superpowers We Wish We Had
With 2011 right around the corner, it's time to start figuring out what you can do to improve in the New Year. You might try to learn to play guitar, or maybe learn how to cook. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get super powers!