The Ten Worst Jobs In America
Being a newspaper reporter is the worst job to have in America.  That's the word from which looked at five factors to compile a list of the ten worst jobs to have in 2013.
Today’s Job Market Demands a College Degree
During my fathers generation an Associates Degree made you very employable. In my day you needed at least a Bachelors Degree and now for my son, he'd better consider a Masters Degree or better to put his resume on the top of the pile.
Honest Cover Letter Charms Wall Street
Summer internships on Wall Street can be difficult to snag, especially if you aren't related to one of the firm's senior executives.
But as an unnamed college student has proved, the really honest approach to job seeking can also work. His cover letter, in which he admits he has "no unbelievably…
5 Utica Jobs That No Longer Exist
Utica has been a bustling hub of commerce for over 150 years. We've seen businesses come and go over the years. The area has remade itself first as a halfway stop on the Erie Canal then textile and manufacturing. Now we are a hotbed of financial and insurance industries...
Weird Paying Jobs In China
There are some jobs every country has, such as a cook, a farmer and a shopkeeper. Then, there are some jobs that are unique to specific cultures. The Chinese happen to have a bunch of seriously weird jobs. So if you’re looking for some new work, these jobs might be for you!

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