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Are Katy Perry + John Mayer Back Together?
Memorial Day Weekend has come and gone and along with it many backyard barbecues with friends and family. Katy Perry also had a Memorial Day BBQ and who was in attendance? Well, none other than her ex-boyfriend John Mayer!
Taylor Swift Still Bitter About John Mayer Breakup
We've said it before and we'll say it again-- hell hath no fury like a Taylor Swift scorned. The ACM Awards were kind of a rough night for T. Swizzle who was none too happy that her ex John Mayer was also in attendance.
John Mayer Is Still in Love With Katy Perry
John Mayer may have admitted to Ellen DeGeneres on her namesake show that his now-defunct relationship with Katy Perry was private as they entered and exited it, but some new details have come to light about why the pair split. While the relationship is dunzo, his feelings for her apparently are not…

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