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Watch Lady Gaga Get Her Septum Pieced [Video]
If you have a weak stomach and are squeamish about things like needles, then perhaps it's best if you sit this one out. However, if you love Lady Gaga and want to experience everything you can with her, then check out this video of Mommy Monster getting her septum pierced.
Lady Gaga Crashes Pitchfork Festival in Chicago [Pics]
Lady Gaga crashed the 2013 edition of the annual Pitchfork Festival in Chicago. She was there in blonde and high-heeled form last year, seeing her pal Kendrick Lamar. This year, she looked like Joan Jett's doppelganger, with shaggy black hair and a long, loose white rocker tee...
Lady Gaga’s Drug-Laden Past to Be Revealed in Tell-All Book
Lady Gaga has admitted to past drug use in Vanity Fair and in other media -- revealing to Howard Stern how her father expressed his disappointment when he found out she was doing the hard stuff. However, a new book penned by a former friend is revealing rampant cocaine abuse when Gaga was a str…
Lady Gaga ‘ARTPOP’ Footage Leaks [Video]
Lady Gaga is revealing more and more about 'ARTPOP,' but in true Mother Monster fashion, it's on her own terms. For every morsel of information she lets her Little Monsters devour, a whole new slew of vagueness and mysteries emerge.

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