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Lana Del Rey Is Smoking Hot in ‘Bel Air’ Video
Zzzzzzz. Lana Del Rey's video for 'Bel Air' is a bit snoozy. It features the gorgeous singer (and model) as a celestial being, standing while camera circles her as she is bathed in green and blue lights and surrounded by plumes of smoke. It's like the hem of her dress is on fire …
Is Lana Del Rey Working With H+M?
Lana Del Rey had the music industry talking with the release of her album ‘Born to Die,’ and most recently, the 26-year-old singer announced she would be portraying Jackie O in the video for ‘National Anthem.’ So why not cause the fashion world to get into…
Is Lana Del Rey a Recovered Meth Addict?
Lana Del Rey used to be known as Lizzy Grant, but was she also known as an addict? The ‘Blue Jeans’ singer made a surprising revelation on YouTube this week leading fans to believe she may have been hooked on methamphetamine.

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